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I love it when Google Chrome screws up and they’re like “Fuck it here’s a tiny dinosaur pixel”






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Three of Tutankhamun’s Rings

(a) The green nephrite signet shows the King and Min.
(b) The three-dimensional bezel is formed from a lapis lazuli scarab flanked by an inlaid falcon and moon barque on a cartouche-shaped base. The inlays are green jasper and glass.
(c) The scarab bezel of the gold ring is of chalcedony; the underside shows Thoth and the udjat.

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Time to shine.  

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Chris Pratt Looks So Muscular While Getting First Hand Car Racing Experience!

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Meet Freya!

Yes, I have named my car - officially.  She is named thus because here was my progression while thinking about her name:

"Hmm she is a Crosstrek. Cross-Trek. Trek. Star Trek! What is a good Star Trek ship name? Eww none of these work. But I really love that one Voyager episode where the holographic doctor gets roped into a holodeck program about the poem Beowulf and meets Freya and starts to develop feelings for her.  Freya! That is a great name!"

Yep, dorky. But, hey.  She is getting some viking runes and a Buffalo tooth today to complete the “look”.

Salem Part 2!

From the top - we dangled our feet off the doc, and then laid down to look at the sky.  I snapped a few pictures that after the fact are wreaking havoc on my Smugmug - it doesn’t know which way to orient them! And of course, Nick and I have to take at least one goofy picture.

There is the House of the Seven Gables again, and part of the wedding reception setup before we got some dirty looks from the staff.

Here is that Bewitched statue I was mentioning before, and a picture of me on the beach - selfie!

And finally, my “haul”.  We went to a toy store and I found a Wonder Wand! I had one as a kid - yellow I think? It was $5. Can’t argue with that for nostalgia. Had to have it.  

One of the first stores I went to was Viking-themed, and so I picked up a Buffalo Tooth (because Buffalo) and a rune pendant, and some nice smelling incense. Bonus points, because Freya is what I ended up naming my car.  The Buffalo Tooth and Rune pendant are going in the car so Freya can be a proper viking-mobile.

At a store aptly named “Pyramid”, I found a cute Egypt coin purse thing with some really great gold embroidery.  I am a sucker for anything Egypt, so this really was a nice find.

Another store we went to had these mini cast iron cauldrons that were too cute. I got a candle that smells amazing to go in it, but I can also burn the Balsam Fir incense that Nick found when we went to a costume shop that had some silly magic trick stuff (like your traditional magic store, hand buzzers and the like).  He prefaced showing it to me with “Tell me what you smell”, to which I replied, “trees!” and he follows with “Christmas!”.  Yes - definitely Christmas. Can’t wait to use that this fall/winter.

Scattered throughout are some bits of Sea Glass that Nick found when we were on the beach.  He also found me an empty snail shell, and a round milk glass piece which is really intriguing.  The Oyster shell was a nice find, and the old green glass bottle top is pretty awesome.  It has got to be somewhat old, right? Either way, it’s a keeper.


I wanted to take a day trip to Salem, since 1) it’s only an hour away and 2) I have never really walked around there as a tourist.  Usually when I have been there it is to visit friends, and we mostly went to dinner and such. 

But I had such a good time!

We started out at the mini mall they have attached to the main parking garage, and walked around all the various shops.  The guy dressed as a demon thing kept scaring people - it was hilarious. The way he walked was kind of like floating.  

My overall goal was to sightsee as much as I could.  I didn’t get to go on any specific tours, but it was still a lot to see in the 5 hours we were there.  

We walked down to the “Witch House”, past the bewitched statue, and back up so we could go to the Lobster Shanty for food.  From there we walked to the Burying Point, and I got to see my 13th generation Grandfather’s grave: Simon Bradstreet.  Found out that Anne Bradstreet, his wife and my 13th generation grandmother is buried in Andover. Boo.  

Through that was the Witch Trials memorial that butts up against some older style homes. We walked past that and down to the maritime wharf, and sat on the dock for a bit.  By that time, after shopping and lunch, it was almost 5pm, and well - there was one more store.

We went to Ye Olde Pepper Companie, and Nick bought so much candy it made my teeth hurt. But, I got some Peppermint Gibralters which are kind of famous, and I am a sucker for peppermint candies so I was happy. 

Second to last stop was the House of the Seven Gables.  We were too late for a tour, but I snapped a few pictures.  There was a wedding reception in the back courtyard facing the water, so we had to leave.

On the way back to the car we stopped at the mini beach next to the wharf.  We found little crabbies! Nick also found me some sea glass and other things.  

Back to the car, and back home.  All in all a good day, and I am already planning my next day trip.

Some more pics up next from our day, and a picture of my “haul”.

Took some pictures yesterday during my Salem MA day trip :)  A slightly more detailed post coming soon.


Comic-Con Trailer | Vikings Season 3 

The Vikings always deliver in big moments. Check out an exclusive look at Season 3, and prepare for all new adventures in the North.



We knew we shouldn’t have let truebloodhbo's Stephen Moyer meet Rocket on an empty stomach…! #MarvelSDCC


Was at SD Comicon on Thurs doing a @tvland panel. One of my Twitter friends Phil Plait @BadAstronomer presented me with a 4 million yr old asteroid piece. I turned to Betty White (who was also on my panel) and asked if she remembered the rock from her childhood. :-)

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This movie, always reminds me of my cousin Tara and I. She is a near dead ringer for Sandra Bullock and I will always fancy myself the redheaded Nicole Kidman.

Fave cousin for sure.

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holy frick

from now on, whenever anybody doubts marvel casting ill just show them this

My dad the comic book expert said they made Fury look like Samuel L Jackson with his permission in the comic book. So when they made the movie, guess who they had to go find? Samuel L Jackson.

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